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Parental love, truly unconditional

Parental Gift of Rs 5,000 is payable to employees who have given birth or whose wife have given birth to a child.


  1. The employee must have been in employment in a Tourism Enterprise and have contributed to the fund for at least 12 continuous months.
  2. Members contributing to the TEWF are hereby informed that they have to apply for any scheme within 6 months from the date they are entitled.
  3. Members contributing to the TEWF are hereby informed that parental gift is payable to either the parent on the presentation of a birth certificate within 6 months from the date of delivery.

Mode of Application


  1. National Identity Card of Applicant;
  2. Bank Account number(Payroll or Bank Statement);
  3. Birth Certificate of new born child;
  4. Certificate of Employment (Valid for one month ONLY)

Apply online now

All TEWF Members are requested to follow the below steps for application of scheme.

  1. Download application
  2. Print and fill the application
  3. Scan the filled in application and include support documents as required for the scheme
Zip all Original documents listed and upload

Incomplete application or lack of support documents will not be processed